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Company Story

Incorporated in 2005, CPML Contractors Limited comprises a team of professionals with solid and extensive project experience. The diverse skills resident in our company allow for the provision of a unique and comprehensive range of engineering and construction services. 

We provide a very personalized service and our select size allows us the privilege of giving our clients the focused attention from proposal to occupancy of a project.  We use the team approach to problem solving. Our goal is to assist our client in arriving at the best solutions. We involve the end user of the facility in the process of planning and design and we value the knowledge gained in this process and put it to work.

At CPML Contractors Limited, we embrace change, and as a result have developed a company that is constantly seeking new solutions to construction issues. We are now recognised as leaders in post tensioning technology in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean, being the first to introduce unbonded post tensioning technology. We have also innovated using this technology and other systems to solve construction challenges. Our ultimate goal is to provide a unique and personalised service tailored to address each construction issue at hand.

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CPML Contractors Limited is seeking to become recognised as the #1 Construction Company in Trinidad and Tobago providing value added solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.  This will be achieved by forming partnerships with our customers with the intention of exceeding their expectations.

About Us: Mission


CPML Contractors Limited is passionately committed to improving the lives of our citizens by developing innovative products to meet their construction needs using cutting edge technology.

About Us: Mission


What We Aim For

  • Innovation- we develop creative solutions to enhance the value of services

  • Communication- transparency, feedback and collaboration are the building blocks of our relationships

  • Integrity-we conduct ourselves in a manner that is professional, ethical and legal at all times

  • Teamwork- we recognize and value the contribution of individuals and teams in achieving the company’s goals

  • Results- We focus on delivering the best end result for our clients

  • Safety- it is our duty to ensure that our working environment is safe for all individuals

  • Passion- whatever we do, we do it from the bottom of our hearts

About Us: Mission


The current staff of CPML Contractors Limited totals twenty (20) highly skilled individuals. This number includes five professional engineers who are assisted by technical, office and field support as well as administrative personnel. The company’s senior staff has extensive overseas experience.

Bill Ramrattan


BSc Civil Engineering

PT Level 2 Inspector

Member of: Board of Engineering of Trinidad & Tobago, Association of Professional Engineers  

of Trinidad & Tobago, Post Tensioning Institute, American Concrete Institute

Years of Experience: 43

Avinash Chandrika


Diploma Civil Engineering,

Anglia Ruskin MBA Management

PT Level 2 Inspector

Years of Experience: 17

Sharon Ramrattan


BSc Natural Sciences- Mathematics & Physics, Diploma Management

              Years of Experience: 41

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