Post Tensioning Technology



Post Tensioned Technology is not new to Trinidad & Tobago since it has been used over the last three (3) decades to construct Water Tanks, Beams, LNG Tanks etc.

CPML Contractors Limited (CPML) took the decision to invest in Inventory and Personnel Training to ensure the wider availability of the Technology in Trinidad & Tobago.

Mr. Bill Ramrattan, a member of the Post Tensioning Institute has also been fully trained and certified by the Institute as an Installer / Inspector for the System. CPML has also available and Warehoused in Trinidad 60,000 Lf of ½ ² 270 K Unbonded Monostrand Cable, Anchors and Wedges to undertake a Professional Installation immediately.

Dr. Ian Khan Kernahan, a Structural Engineer and Lecturer at The University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Civil Engineering have been retained by CPML to provide full Design Engineering Services.

CPML Contractors Limited (CPML) has introduced Post Tensioning Concrete Technology as an economic alternative to Reinforced and Precast Prestressed Concrete Construction. Essentially the technology offers insitu stressing of concrete either in Segmental or Composite Construction to afford!

a)      Faster Construction.

b)      Efficient Members.

c)      Economic Advantages.


CPML Contractors Limited (CPML) has applied the Technology in Slab on Grade Construction and Suspended Slab Construction in Trinidad.

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